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Would love to see a home and home in a few years,

  • I love college football and believe games like last nights Michigan and Alabama game is needed for the good of the game. I know you guys are hurting atm but IMO Brady Hoke is the real deal. Give him a couple of recruiting classes and I would love to see this done again as a home and home. Watching the game last night I got the feeling Michigan was a few completed passes away from making it a game. Then it kind of got out of hand.

    Your guys showed lots of heart, didn't quit, and played hard. DR could have called it quits but keep coming back. I see much up side to Michigan's team, I told a good Michigan fan friend of mine that RR didn't play Michigan football and wouldn't last. That was proved out but BH is recruiting the kind of players that will play Michigan football. Michigan and Alabama are much alike through the years. They both play tough D and run the ball well. They both have their little sister in state school. Michigan will get back to that.

    Good luck to your team the rest of the year and I hope we can do this again in a few years. I also hope neither team had any bad injury's. RTR

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