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UNC football players flocked to suspect class

  • More info is coming out on the academic fraud situation at North Carolina and ... wow. Good thing Everett Withers knew nothing about it.

  • UNC has been dirty for a long time.

    And it extends to their untouchable basketball program as well.

    Roy "I don't give a sh!t about North Carolina" Williams can pretend to act like he didn't/doesn't know what was/is going on but claiming ignorance isn't a reputable defense.

    And North Carolina's BoG needs to be thoroughly cleansed as well.

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  • I guess I'm naive, but I always thought of Carolina as one of the good guys. It will be interesting to see if this practice started before Butch Davis arrived and how many non-football players were involved.

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  • You're talking completely out of your ass with respect to UNC's basketball program.

  • Let's begin with the number of UNC basketball players that take a certain swahili class as an elective.

    We can go from there...

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  • Let me guess - was it Tyler Zeller, the Academic All-American who carried a 3.62 while majoring in business administration?

    Athletes take easy classes.

    OMG, shocking. Moreover, it's necessarily indicative of systemic academic fraud. Right?

    I've followed UNC basketball for 19 years now; might want to try your spiel on someone who doesn't know better.

    But how about putting your money where your mouth is? If Roy Williams is found guilty in any way shape or form, I'll pay your subscription for a year. If not, you - mine.

    There's a reason Kevin Durant wanted to commit to UNC but was told they couldn't take his commitment. GRADES. There's a reason Anthony Davis, John Wall, the Harrison Twins, Sindarius Thornwell, et al were never offered. It damn sure isn't because Roy Williams is shady.

    At any rate, waiting.

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  • I'm disappointed that you ignored my first statement and used a red herring (a singular example of Zeller). You'll have to do better than that.

    Back to the the Swahili class.
    - Do you know who teaches it?
    - Do you the know the percentage of football and basketball players that have taken it over the years?
    - In fact, do you know when the Swahili class was first offered?
    - More fundamentally, do you know the history behind UNC's African-American Studies department?

    Once again, please start by answering those questions. I'm asking these questions because it'll allow me to gauge how much you really know since the answers to these questions can't be found by a mere google search.

    Btw, if you think Jim Harrick (of UCLA) was the only one at an elite program offering bullsh!t classes to his players, then I've got some oceanfront property in Utah that I might be able to interest you in.


    You said that you have followed UNC basketball for 19 years. So your started caring about UNC basketball around 1993 (when UNC beat the Fab Five in the National Championship game), right?

    Do you follow UNC football? Why or why not?

    Lastly, your knowledge of Durant's recruitment is only as complete as the free messageboard info you've encountered. I've seen that line about Durant's grades repeated so many times and it never fails to make me chuckle.

    Durant chose Texas for 2 reasons:
    1. Rick Barnes understood that Durant needed academic help. Early on he arranged for Texas academic advisers to help Durant through his issues (which shows very good foresight).
    2. Money changed hands. One of Durant's handlers admitted to my friend (a scout) that he received compensation. (I don't care whether or not you believe this point.)

    Lastly, Durant grew up a UCLA fan but Ben Howland showed no interest in him. That's UCLA's loss.

    I laughed at the list of players you just said.
    - Anthony Davis's father tried to pull a Cecil Newton. It worked. To this day UK still hasn't filed a lawsuit against the Sun Times.
    - Brian Clifton would never allow John Wall to go to UNC. In fact, don't expect anyone from the D-One AAU program to go to UNC so long as Roy Williams is Head Coach. (FYI: Baylor has a pipeline to that team.)

    My point with Roy Williams was not that he was paying players. However, if you don't think that he's not aware of what classes his "student-athletes" are taking and what they're majoring in, then you don't have a firm grasp of his duties. In short, it's his business to know. And it's the responsibility of the academic advisers to keep him updated.

    Lastly, why would I ever take that bet?

    Butch Davis used the "I was not aware my underling was doing violations x, y, and z" defense. The NCAA did not implicate him but reprimanded his negligence. And yet, Butch Davis was fired. Of course, the corrupt ACC Commissioner John Swofford made sure that the 216 number was not investigated. (Btw, Swofford had help from B1GTen Commissioner Jim Delany. Both are UNC grads.)

    So why would I would think the NCAA will implicate Roy Williams in anything given that UNC's blue blood basketball program is protected by a thick layer of teflon?
    Full disclosure: I grew up rooting for Duke as a kid because of family ties. That changed after I attended Michigan. Since then, Michigan has been my #1 school but I will continue to cheer for Duke.

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  • This is not in response to the UNC discussion since I have no knowledge there, but just reminds me why it's so hard to follow hoops recruiting. It really is amazing Beilein was able to pull in the class he did this year because it is so dirty and corrupt it is hard for honest teams to compete, especially after having years and years of losing. I was first introduced to World Wide Wes when Mike Gilchrest visited Michigan a few years ago and some fans got excited, only to have some connected hoops people say 'don't get your hopes up, this is a WWW kid and he's already got a deal to Kentucky.' I know football has its own issues with paying recruits, but hoops is just out of control..

  • I completely agree the whole thing is way slimy, and the NCAA has no chance in it's current state of making anything better.

  • You wouldn't take that bet because you're not stupid.

    You claimed "UNC has been dirty and that extends to UNC's untouchable basketball program." As I said, you're talking out of your ass.

    I also said athletes take easy classes. I also asked if that is necessarily indicative of systemic academic fraud. You declined to answer.

    Durant? Free messageboard info? Typical presumptuous Dookie. He went to NCA. I lived in Prophecy (townhouses right beside it) and went to Rosecroft Park. Rosecroft Park was bulldozed. NCA was erected on the property. I have maintained quite a few contacts there (Brian Speed, Charles Smith).

    Kevin Durant tried to commit to UNC. He was turned down. That is a fact.

    Anthony Davis pulled a Cam Newton. This is correct. His father insisted that UNC offer in order to be seriously considered; he was ignored.

    Your Brian Clifton knowledge is incomplete. He despises Roy because his team went public with what they assumed was an offer to one of his previous protégées. The offer was extended prior Roy's arrival. He most certainly strongly advised that Wall NOT attend UNC, but Wall loved UNC. Clifton's influence was stronger because of Wall's situation (mother WAS sick). At any rate, Clifton tried to steer him to Dook. Other members of the camp wanted NC State. Wall called Roy. This is what started the ball rolling with Larry Drew departing; his mother got wind that they might consider Wall if Clifton was put aside and went ballistic. He was never offered. At any rate - that's that.

    All presented as evidence disputing the notion that Roy Williams is "dirty."

    Posting the instructor's name, the number of basketball players who took it, and when the class first appeared STILL does not prove that Roy is guilty of academic improprieties, which is precisely why I said if Roy is found guilty in ANY way shape or form, x condition would be met.

    As I said, of course you wouldn't take that bet.

    You're not stupid.

    It amuses me that you think you know more about the situation than I do. This was discussed months ago by those in the know. Roy is clean as he always HAS been. Foolish of you to think otherwise. And a Dookie at that, lol. Myron Piggie throwing stones? Imagine.

    Blaming any formatting issues on this iPad.

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  • I just logged in. I'll be at a wedding reception tonight but when I get back I'll type up a series of posts in response.

    I'll be sure to take you to the toolshed for calling me
    1. presumptuous
    2. suggesting that I'm foolish especially when I *know* otherwise.

    Btw, should I assume that you are a UNC basketball fan and a Michigan football fan? If that's the case, then I'm pretty damn sure that's called being a bandwagoner. So LOL.

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    As long as you guys keep it clean, keep up the great discussion and debate.

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