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The Potential Reverse Rich Rod Effect

  • There isn't a Manningham, Edwards type in the entire Big 10. Gardner, Gallon, Dileo, Funchess, and Roundtree have all shown themselves to be capable.

  • Look, I generally agree with your posts too and apologize for the rough back and forth. I realize everyone is raw after the game last night (so am I). I just thought our fanbase was a bit different than most of the others for which a bad loss results in a major meltdown with calls for everyone to be fired.

    The reality is that the RR experiment failed. It might have produced what looked like a great offense, but it was an offense that generally collapsed against good defenses. And the defense RR installed alongside that offense was abysmal. Our best season under RR was 7-6 with losses to OSU and MSU and an embarrassing blow out loss in our bowl game. So we fired RR and hired Hoke. And despite how well season 1 went, we are still in the middle of a transition back from a spread to a pro style offense. We don't have the right personnel yet. Unless you count true freshmen, we have zero elite WRs or TEs. We also don't have an elite pro style QB and except for Lewan are lacking elite talent on the OL if you really are honest about it. Last year, because we went 11-2 and won the Sugar Bowl, everyone praised the new staff (including Borges) for adapting the offensive scheme to the personnel we have. But, this year, because Denard gets injured in the Nebraska game and the entire offense comes off the rails, Borges is an idiot and should be fired.

    The facts are that, prior to the Nebraska game, our offense this year has been about as productive as it was last year. And our offensive stats in the Nebraska game are, by far, our worst of the year because our starting QB was knocked out of the game. Nebraska's D is not better than Alabama's and ND's. Denard has been our entire offense for the past 2-3 years and that is not Al Borges' fault or Coach Hoke's fault. It is RR's fault. And when Denard was knocked out of the game last night, our offense collapsed.

    2012: 378 ypg
    2012 (exc UNL): 405 ypg
    2011: 405 ypg

    2012: 28 ppg
    2012 (exc UNL): 31 ppg
    2011: 33 ppg

    Also, FWIW, the offense on our 1997 team put up fewer points (27 ppg) than we have either last year or this year.

    So if you all want to bash Bellomy or call for Borges' head because our hybrid/spread offense was ineffective after our superstar dual threat QB was injured, be my guest. It's the same reaction we regularly laugh at when it happens over at rcmb because it's irrational. And it conveniently ignores the fact that Hoke not Borges is in charge. He hired Borges. He made the decision to recruit Bellomy in 2011 and move Gardner to WR this year. And he approved this hybrid offense being run by Borges. But go ahead. If it makes everyone feel better by believing that Borges is an idiot and if we only had a "good" OC we would be undefeated and headed to the BCSCG, whatever helps you all get through the next few days.

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  • So, two questions:

    1) Do you think that Michigan's skill players are an untalented group, or that the OL is subpar? Where would you rank them in the Big 10?

    2) Do you not believe the offense was flailing before Denard got injured, both in this game and this season?

  • If you are asking me, my response is it is the best offense they have been able to put on the field the past two years with the personnel we have. David Molk graduated. Junior Hemingway graduated. Darryl Stonum got booted. Funchess is a true freshman and Gardner is a QB trying to play WR. And Denard will never be a good passer no matter how badly we need him to be. Al Borges is not some wizard who can waive a magic wand and turn Denard into Tom Brady and Roy Roundtree into Braylon Edwards. And FWIW putting up over 400 ypg and 31 ppg (which is what our offense was doing before Denard was injured) is not bad considering we are a program in transition.

  • UCLA wouldn't even pay the extra 50k to keep Borges back then and he ended up at Cal. I would think if someone wanted to keep him the extra money is no big deal.

    How do you defend his progressively WORSE offense at Auburn in his years their with his guys? Talent grows on tree's down there and Al managed to get worse each and every year.

    As far as this year we haven't scored a TD in 3 of 8 freaking games. RR with crappier personnel in 2008 didn't manage to be that bad. Sorry, as a lot of people have said, Mattison is taking guys that aren't "his" guys and making them better. Borges has taken guys that aren't "his" guys and if you actually look at the product on the field instead of numbers you can clearly see they have also gotten worse. It's Borges in a nutshell he starts up hot and teams adjust to him and he can't make the adjustment again to change it up.

    If you like OC's that have had 9 jobs in 20 yrs and no one wants to pay to keep him then so be it I guess.

  • UCLA also hired Rick Neuheisel.

  • and that has what to do with Borges getting worse at his stops on a consistent basis? I mean he was so great at Auburn that no one wanted him in 2008 and he sat on his butt for a year.

  • I have avoided criticizing Borges till yesterday. (That isn't to say that I've never disagreed with a playcall before because I certainly have. But yesterday was the first time where I was very annoyed by his playcalls.)

    I was actually one of the posters here that suggested we give Borges time to get the players he needs to run the WCO. But last night showed me that he cannot make adjustments.

    The call on 3rd and 4 in Michigan territory when Denard was still in the game is inexcusable. Rather than spread Nebraska out with 4 wide outs, he compressed our offense which allowed Nebraska to stack the box and predictably stop the run.

    And then with Bellomy:
    - Stretch plays when Nebraska is stacking the box?
    - Throwing deep with a QB that has a noodle arm?
    - Play action when Nebraska is stacking the box?

    Those are indefensible.

    The best way to stop Nebraska from stacking the ball is to spread the defense by formation and give a young, inexperienced QB multiple targets with easy reads. Since the running game would not work with Nebraska stacking the box, we should have gone 5 wide.

    I know that people have mentioned that Hoke/Borges want us to have Stanford's 2010/2011 offense but with USC's WRs. That sounds great in theory but we can't be sure that we'll be able to get that much talent onto one roster.

    I'm just afraid that Michigan's offense will become too conventional, too predictable, and too bland.

    If Michigan's 1997 offense would've been better, that would have been one of the greatest teams in college football history. Instead, that team is known for having an all-world defense led by Woodson.

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