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Students at Senior Day!

  • Listen, as a Michigan fan, I would do anything to be at the game tomorrow to see Denard's last game in the Big House. Of course there are many Michigan Men that will play their last game in the Big House tomorrow. Think for just 5 minutes what Denard and some of these other seniors have gone through while representing this football program. Especially the 5th year seniors. The Mealer Family has been through hell and back. Roy Roundtree, JT Floyd, Big Will, Roh, Etc, Etc, etc....

    After seeing the Ariel View of the Big House last week against Northwestern, was a JOKE! Seeing our student section as empty as it was, you made the Big House look like Sparty Stadium and you should be ashamed.

    These Seniors DESERVE you showing up on time to the game tomorrow. If you are a student, party all you frickin' want, but just get in the stadium by 11:45! Is it reaaaaallly that difficult to do? I never thought I would see the day where this would be a "concern" at the Big House. Do your part if you are a student on this board, and get the word out! Show some frickin' support tomorrow. This is the last time you will see these guys play! I can assure you that when these Seniors signed up to play for Michigan, they never thought they would have seasons they did in 2008 and 2009, face the coaching changes, etc. But what recruits see on visits, just as these Seniors did when they were recruits, is taking note of the student section. Do you frickin' part for the program...
    Just get your butts to the game on time!!!!!

    GO BLUE!!!!!

  • Ducksworth

    These posts annoy me.

    We get it. You hate the students. You're talking to the wrong people. No one that is posting here will show up late. You're talking to hardcore fans. We'll be there early. We have no influence over the other 4000 students.

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  • What are you talking about? Yeah...I "hate" the students. Get real. If you are a CAN get the word out. It's shameful that this is even an issue at the BH. you know when every poster on this board is planning on showing up? Do you know their tailgate/party plans? I highly doubt it...

  • Ducksworth

    No. I can't. I didn't mean anything personal about it, we just hear these so often. Drunk college frat pregames will happen and kids will be late to the game. I'm not gonna go to every pregame at 11:30 and remind them that the game is starting soon.

    People on this blog care passionately about Michigan football. They won't show up late.

    I've talked to Hunter and they are gonna make serious changes next year to prevent this from happening again. They've had Denard and Kovacs and Roundtree all tell us to get there early. It hasn't worked. It's pitiful, pathetic, an embarrassing, but its just how it's gonna be.

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  • I don't remember ever being late as a student to a home game. The only games when we were sparse was due to heavy rain, snow storm, etc. I was at last weeks game, and the student section was an embarrassment.

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