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Speight Question

  • If Stonum was available, I don't think Gardner ever gets asked to move. They viewed him as a viable option, and he was receptive. Could it be that they also thought Bellomy could have stepped up? I'd have to assume so, yes, because you need at least two QBs.

    But, again, I think Stonum's dismissal really threw a monkey wrench in the works. Have Stonum, don't need Gallon outside. If he's there, I think we see Devin stay at QB, and I don't think we see Bellomy on the field against Nebraska.

    Can't disagree with you being somewhat skittish based upon what we've observed thus far.

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  • Your post is misinformed my man.

    First of all... A night game, on the road, at Memorial Stadium isn't the ideal situation for any backup QB to come into. A lot of times you don't know if someone is "ready" until they get out there in live game action. They also have said that if they knew Denard was out in advance, that Gardner would take the reps in practice and start, but it's too much to ask of a kid learning a new position to help the team to come in, in the middle of the game without getting full reps. There's absolutely no guarantee we beat Nebraska on the road with Denard at full strength, or if Gardner replaced him when he went down.

    Also, Devin was the 2nd leading receiver on the team going into the Nebraska game and was leading the team in TD catches. It's not all world, but pretty impressive for a guy switching positions. So say what you want, but you're off base there.

    Devin Gardner is a stand up kid, and the coaches have said that he came to them and said he wanted to be on the field helping the team if he wasn't starting at QB. So, I'm not really pretending to be in the mind of anyone, just believing two parties that I don't think are lying...

    Also you want a track record? Well there's Cade McNown, Ryan Lindley, Jason Campbell, Tony Graziani, Gibran Hamdan... all guys that went on to the NFL after working with Borges.

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  • They gave Gardner a look. They played him at WR. He was more valuable there than on the bench. I am 100% positive you do not know much about what happened and refuse to be openminded so I'm not going to bother refuting the other half dozen claims in your post that are plain and simply incorrect.

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  • Similar to Mercury, you're ignorant and misinformed. Why don't you tell me the ideal scenario for how you would've wanted the coaches to handle the season?

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  • - I think Devin Gardner wanted to see the field because he was tired of waiting. He knew that he was not going to become the starter unless Denard got hurt. (This turned out to be true.)

    - Hence, he offered to become a WR and he was actually very good. He did not put up eye-popping stats but he did a good job.

    6'4" / 215 pound Marvin McNutt (of Iowa) is a good example of a player that switched from QB to WR. He eventually became Iowa's all-time leader in receiving TDs. As a senior, he caught 82 passes for 1,315 yards and 12 TDs. McNutt was drafted in the 6th round by the Philadelphia Eagles.

    If Devin had devoted himself to the WR position, he could've become a similar player. But he showed us last year that his future is at QB because he can develop into a Heisman Finalist and a NFL 1st rounder.

    - People are too down on Bellomy. He was thrown into the worst possible circumstances: a conference road game in prime time. That's 3 things: road game / conference game / prime time.

    He didn't respond well and looked unprepared. But he looked much worse than he really is. People don't remember that Nebraska started stacking the box and blitzing because Bellomy was young and inexperienced. Predictably, Bellomy looked rattled.

    I haven't given up on Bellomy. Keep this in mind: when Brian Griese walked on as a QB in Michigan, no one knew that would eventually develop into a very good QB and help lead Michigan to a National Championship and become Rose Bowl MVP. It took Griese 3 years to become good enough to lead the first team offense. IIRC, he didn't start until his 3rd year and that was only after Scott Dreisbach got injured.

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  • Also, hindsight is clearly 20/20.

    Michigan had a void at the WR position going into the 2012 season. Gardner filled that void and it seemed that Michigan could afford to move Gardner because Bellomy had played like a capable back-up.

    It was a calculated risk. Unfortunately, it backfired.

    Moreover, Michigan fans have quickly forgotten how afraid they were for 2013 season after the Nebraska game. Only after Gardner had a good game at Minnesota did Michigan fans take a sigh of relief. But here's what amazes me: people have forgotten that Gardner didn't start well at Minny.


    Here's the catch-22 of the situation: if Gardner had remained the #2 QB and Michigan's WRs had struggled, some Michigan fans would've undoubtedly wondered why the coaches hadn't moved Gardner to WR.

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  • Exactly. You can't have it both ways. Both scenarios had their advantages and disadvantages, but the coaches went with the logical decision. They have always said the best men will play, and they were holding their word. Sometimes you just have to look at a game and notice the misfortune of an injury, as opposed to placing all the blame on the coaches for not having properly prepared.

    Furthermore, this entire discussion is exactly why our coaches are putting so much emphasis on depth in recruiting. If you have an in-game injury with nobody in line to step up, all of your hard work in practice becomes irrelevant.

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  • I do like how there were more than a few people calling for Bellomy to start over Denard early last season, especially after the Notre Dame game, yet post-Nebraska the coaches were dumb and awful talent evaluators to have Bellomy second on the depth chart.

    If we're being honest, there are good reasons to question Borges' skills at QB evaluation and development. A lot of the NFL QBs he's coached were not recruited by him, they were already at their respective schools when he joined the staff. If Gardner plays the way we all expect/hope he will over the next season or two, he'll be another for that list. Someone (sorry, I forget who) made a really good post a few months back looking at the careers of QBs that Borges actually recruited and developed all on his own, and the results weren't that pretty. This cycle, Borges chose Speight over Cornwell, O'Connor, Henderson, and all the rest of the QBs in the country. Speight bleeds blue, obviously, but at this early moment he is universally less well-regarded by the major recruiting services than the other QBs considered for that first offer.

    So, I suppose what I'm saying is that yes, there are valid reasons to be skeptical about Borges when it comes to QBs. But I don't think that Bellomy is really one of those valid reasons.

  • Hell we will only need him for one year with rocket arm Shane lol ( I'm just trying to lighten the mood lol)

  • Very interesting point. I'll keep it in mind.

  • We were thin at WR, so one of our best athletes (Gardner) stepped in and helped. I think he caught a TD in the first 5 games of the season or something like that. Bellomy may have torn it up in practice and I don't blame the coaches for putting Bellomy in over Gardner. However, Bellomy is in the hole now and behind Gardner. Sometimes you only get one chance to prove yourself and DG took advantage and Bellomy didn't. Only chance Bellomy has to play now is if Gardner gets hurt. But I believe the coaches made the only decision they could have made. Gardner had not been playing QB in practice for weeks....and Bellomy was the only legitimate choice. It put Bellomy in a bad situation, but it would've been even worse situation for DG. Would Devin have thrived or struggled? Nobody knows. Whether you like it or not...the coaches made the only decision they could: put the guy in who has been practicing at the postion in practice with the 2nd stringers instead of our now productive WR who hasn't taken a snap or thrown a pass in practice in over a month. Relax guys. Its all all got figured out in the end.

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    "Those Who Stay...Will be Champions"

  • This is true, but even if we disregard that, he still showed some extreme physical limitations. He has neither the strength or quickness to avoid the rush, and it seems that there are a lot of throws he just can't make.

    The mental part of the game is really the only area he can excel at. If he is the panicky sort, he won't contribute.