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Post Game Thoughts

  • Buttesnake, is that you? A more profane version of you?

  • Next day reflecting on the ND game.

    Denard played terrible, we all saw it. Too often his lead foot is pointing away from his target. Accuracy and strength is lost, and we saw the result. Mechanics have been talked about for 2 years, but the improvement isn't there. Stepping into the throw, following through, would be nice to see. We will hopefully see that with future Michigan QBs.

    RBs played ok. Smith had the first INT, but that one is on Borges as much as Smith. Toussaint ended up with decent numbers, took awhile to get going. WR looked good. Was the INT to Gardner a bad throw (likely) or did Gardner run a bad route (possibly)?

    TEs weren't to involved, but Funchess looked good, and outside of the hold on Williams, he looked good out there also.

    The oline played much better than I thought they would. Denard had time to throw over and over again. The INTs seemed to come off of play action that the ND didn't bite on. (Why would they? At that point in the game Michigan had no running game that would hold freeze the defense.) The oline had decent push when running the ball, Toussaint ended up with decent numbers, as did Denard outside of the sacks.

    The dline looked better than I thought they would. Washington had good penetration time and again. Roh is decent, lacks the athleticism to take it to the next level. Campbell is a space eater, not much more.

    LBers are solid. Ryan is a beast, Demens looked good, especially in coverage early in the game. Bolden and Morgan made solid plays.

    DBs looked good in run support. First 2 INTs of the year for the group also. The dissapointing member of the night, 5th year senior Floyd. Huge mistake letting Eifert get deep on the final drive.

    I will add that while the defense played solid overall, the 2 most important drives of the night, they let ND get FG and run out the clock.

    Nice to see Gibbons hit the FGs late, the one he missed early was a career long.

  • We played way to well to lose IMO. Borges will not learn from past mistakes. Last year he tried a trick play on the goal line against MSU on fourth down, this year he tries a half back pass from the five.

    Question for our Confucius; How many half back passes did we need to get it down to the five?

    Denard can not play throwing quarterback in the semi pro style thing Borges is running.

    If Denard is going to continue then he needs to be reigned into 15 yards and under in the passing game, he is way to inconsistent with the longer throws.

    After the first couple interceptions Denard needs to be benched going forward, same with fumbles. These things cannot be tolerated if we want to play Michigan football.

    I remember watching games with my Dad and one of the backs would fumble, and my Dad would say that's probably the end of his day. Bo did not tolerate not taking care of the ball, but for some reason these coaches don't seem to mind as much. I don't get it myself not the kind of Michigan football I grew up with.

    Our defense played well on a loose wet field and looks to be turning the corner if not for that this game could have been ugly.

    Again, one of the highest priorities in playing Michigan football is taking care of the football!