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  • IMO, the PAC will be down this with nobody ranked in the top 5 or even maybe the top 10. The ACC will only have FSU pounding at the door and they always lose a game they shouldnt. We know what the Big East is and the Big 12 will have Okla and Texas as always but I don't see them as top 5 teams at all. Honestly, college football might be a little bit down this year as whole. This is UM's chance and a chance for the Big 10 to represent hard. Honestly, if the natty game hosts only one SEC team, I don't see anyone but a couple teams being in contention and that's UM, Ohio St, ND, FSU, and maybe Oklahoma. Oregon is gonna get a makeover and won't be contention IMO. K State isn't gonna be the same without Klein. Texas has no QB. Clemson will lose one ACC game and prolly another to South Carolina. USCw will miss Barkley and Woods and the defense won't be great, it'll take them a year or two to get back in it. UCLA isn't there yet. Oregon State was a flash in a pan. I'm tellin' ya with weak schedules that UM and OSU play this year, the winner of "the game" will prolly be in contention for the NC game if they don't lose at the Big 10 championship. 2013 is a big chance for the Big 10.

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    "Those Who Stay...Will be Champions"

  • I don't think the departure of Chip Kelly hurts Oregon as bad a many people think. They will still be good with or without him. I would say they have a 10 win season this year and a PAC champ appearance. The sleeper to look out for in the PAC is Washington. They have aggressively gotten better over the past couple of years, and with the solid classes they brought in I wouldn't be surprise that they turn some heads. Stanford should also be good this year again. I get your overall point that this is the B1Gs chance to take advantage of the year (especially UM), though.

  • Stanford returns 16 starters and 9 starters on one of the best D’s in the country. They also have one of the best QB’s in the nation, they’re a legit NC contender. And even with CK gone I can’t see Oregon losing to anyone besides Stanford.

    Even though Louisville play’s in the Big East they earned a lot of respect after beating UF the way did. If they blow the door’s off all the BE team’s they play they could get in the NC.

    I agree with you on the ACC and Big XII but TCU is a team to watch. They return 17 starters and 9 on D. Their toughest test is LSU week 1 in Dallas. If they get past them, and Casey Paschall can stay out of trouble they are a team that could potentially run the table in 2013.

    I think this should be a good year for CFB actually and a lot better than 2012. Unlike last year I think there are quite a few team’s that could potentially run the table. This could be the year the SEC gets left out if the winner doesn’t finish undefeated.

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  • Oregon and Stanford will both still be good.