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Outback Bowl: UM vs USCe Predictions

  • Comparing OSU's defense in the middle of the season(IU game) to its defense towards the end(PSU, Wisc, UM) is ridiculous and isn't fair to Borges and the UM staff.

    The defense wasn't very good but it was much improved towards the end of the year. Boren getting in at MLB and Urbs lighting a fire under Fickell's ass are the reasons for that.

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  • Care to elaborate?

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  • Didn't want to start a whole new thread on this, but since we are playing SC, thought it was sort of relevant.

    Marcus Lattimore of South Carolina Gamecocks

    South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore will enter the NFL draft, according to a source close to the player. An official announcement is expected this week, possibly Wednesday.



  • I could not agree more; you took the words right out of my mouth. In my opinion, this South Carolina fan that everyone seems to be giving such a hard time has not really said anything that isn't true. Some of the Michigan fans in this thread are being jerks for no reason. Michigan has been living in mediocrity since 2006, which, in my 25 years of watching Michigan football, was the most talented team that I have ever seen Michigan field. Frankly, I'm tired of living in the past. I just want Michigan to be relevant again. Hopefully the recent recruiting success will lead us back in that direction.

    In terms of the South Carolina game, talent-wise, I think we are both pretty even. If you look at their past four recruiting classes or so, it would seem that Michigan actually has more talent on its roster overall. The problem is that not all of Michigan's 4 and 5 star talent has turned out. The interior line is a good example. Barnum and Mealer were both 4 star recruits, and yet both of them have been major weak spots on the line. The difference between the two teams is that Michigan has a massive weakness (interior offensive line), while South Carolina seems to be more balanced and solid all-around.

    As you noted, the other big issue is coaching. Like you, I'm tired of losing games that we are talented enough to win. Outside of Alabama, we were just as talented as any of the teams that we went up against this year, yet we finished with 4 losses. South Carolina has about the same talent level as Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Ohio State. In fact, one could even argue that they have less talent than Notre Dame and OSU. As has been well documented, Borges has done a horrible job of exploiting our opponents weaknesses and maximizing our strengths. If Borges actually calls a game that accomplishes this basic objective, I honestly think we will beat South Carolina. But I simply don't have much faith in Borges as a playcaller. Bad playcalling can make a team look a lot worse than they are. I am fearful that this will once again be the case on Jan 1st.

  • Coaching is fine, we were as talented as 3 of the teams that beat us.

    Notre Dame, coaches weren't the ones turning the ball over repeatedly.

    Nebraska, Robinson got hurt & the coaches felt Gardner wasn't prepared to play QB on short notice.

    ohio, was a 50-50 game on the road and they ended up on top, yes there are always questions you can have for a coach afterward but I seen an evenly played, evenly coached game go the wrong way for us.

  • I basically agree with you in regards to Notre Dame and Nebraska, though I do think that Borges got way too cute in the ND game at times. That is forgivable. The OSU game, on the other hand, was a complete debacle. We basically "telegraphed" every play in the second half. Just look at the quotes from the OSU defensive coaches after the game. They knew exactly what was coming on every play. It reminded me of the comments that were made by some of the USC defensive players after our last Rose Bowl appearance.

    This is what I am talking about. Michigan has a long history of bad/predictable playcalling, which has consistently neutralized the talent that we have fielded. Borges does not seem like much of an upgrade from the offensive coordinators of the past. It is hard to be convinced otherwise when he runs Vincent Smith (no offense to the kid, but he is our weakest running back) up the middle (the weakest area of our offensive line and team overall) on third and short against OSU's defensive line (the strength of their defense). This is the epitome of bad playcalling.

    The objective should be to maximize your strengths and to exploit your opponents' weaknesses. Unfortunately, Michigan offensive coordinators have a history of not understanding this concept. I am simply worried that this trend will continue with Borges. I obviously hope that he proves me wrong, but the OSU game does not give me much comfort.

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  • I am thinking this is going to be a tighter game then the experts are saying. In the end, I think our DL will be too much for y'all to handle. Clowney is simply a freak and I promise Michigan hasn't seen anyone like him thus far as I truly believe he is that special. Taylor on the other side is 6'8 with good speed as well and gets his hands on a lot of footballs. Our LB is nothing special so if you've got good receiving RBs or TEs we could struggle there. Our secondary is decent, but they play a lot better due to our pass rush.

    On offense, I think we can move the ball. I don't see us exploding offensively as we haven't really done that all year except for Georgia. We are more of a "take what you give us" offense that's really looking to eat up clock and move the chains. I suspect a close game, but in the end it will show we are the superior, more talented team.

    USC- 27 UM- 14

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  • I'd like to think this will be a close game with Michigan winning. If we play a good game I can see Michigan winning by at least a TD.

    I also look at this game and hope we do not get embarrassed. To me it looks like SC's strengths are where our weaknesses are. If our O-Line does not hold up it might be a very long game for us. People have mentioned talent wise that the two teams are very equal. I'd have to disagree. Sure, going by star ratings we should be equal but we all know that is not necessarily the case. SC's team has developed in a stable program for the last 4 years while Michigan has had a coaching change and total different methodology implemented. In the end I am hoping for a 24-20 win.

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  • I'm not the least bit sold on what Borgess will do when we need it most. The Ohio loss should have never happened. Any of you who watched the second half could see that. No points with two of the most talented players in the big ten on our offense and the play to lose boneheaded playcalling just killed our chances. There's no excuse I can accept. Borgess gave Ohio confidence with his repeated miscues and sucked the life out of the Michigan offense. Whatever system he runs is irrelevant when you are a paid professional and it's your job to score points. A little league coach could have called plays better than that. I want the Moron fired. We can do better than that in the biggest game of the year.

  • Wow there were some delusional yanks at the beginning of this thread.

    Should be a good game.

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  • Waiting til you prove it on the field to give you any respect

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    "Those Who Stay...Will be Champions"

  • To be fair, the Cocks are a top 10 team.. and UM hasn't beaten a top 10 team since 2007

  • To be fair, nobody cares.

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    "Those Who Stay...Will be Champions"

  • Frank C

    Stick to your school.

    Michigan beat #9/8 Wisky in 2008.

    Wisky led 19-0 before Michigan scored 27 points and completed the second largest comeback in school history.

    * * * N E O . R E T R O * * *

  • This thread was a huge joke. Ninety percent of the comments have nothing to do with what it is about. That being said, as a current football player, I'll tell you what you have to do to beat South Carolina.
    1. Stop Clowney. You hear that a lot, but it's true. He is the only player who has ever caused me to sit down and watch him rather than the quarterback. The man is a beast.
    2. Keep Ace from getting big returns. Ace has speed and has finally given USC a return man to be proud of.
    3. Watch out for Ace, Bruce Ellington, and Byrd on short plays and long plays. The three are quick as lightning and will embarrass defenders if they aren't taken seriously.
    4. Confuse our quarterback. Pretty much applies to every football team, not much to say here.
    5. Force turnovers. Just watch the Florida game, you'll understand.

    I would love to see what some true Michigan fans who want to talk about the great sport of football think about this. This is not a middle school playground, so don't come bashing my team and I won't bash yours. You can call us USC or USCe (which is absolutely hilarious because I have never heard of that until I saw this thread. Quite childish. I'd be embarrassed if I said that), but we will show up in the Outback Bowl and play football. If you decide to bash our tradition (or lack there of, obviously. I won't deny that), then I can argue with that all day. There's an annoying little school in our state known as Clemson who believes that a 1981 national championship makes them better than us, regardless of a four year losing streak. Stay classy and let's talk some football. I don't know about you, but that's why I'm on this site.

  • As far as Borges, I'll be a fan until I see that we aren't producing with his guys. This is still a team in transition and all Michigan can really do well (consistently) is run the ball with Denard Robinson. Sure, Gardner has come in and played well but he's still making careless decisions all time. We shouldn't be too hard on borges until he gets his exact system in, and let's face it...this isn't it. Although I'm still feeling that Michigan is going to be much more solid on defense than offense for some time.

  • In response to your list:

    1. That's what Taylor Lewan is for. Our 1st-round NFL-size left tackle will be deployed to protect either Gardner or Robinson's blind side. He's got great feet, great length, and he's strong as hell. This is one of the most intriguing matchups to me, and I think that if Lewan can end the day having only given up one sack and a few hurries/knockdowns, he can call it a good day.

    2. Thankfully, the addition of a number of young, athletic freshman (Royce Jenkins-Stone, Amara Darboh, Dennis Norfleet, Sione Houma) has done wonders for our return game.

    3. This is where losing our best CB in the first game of the season hurts, but we've got a pretty damn good secondary. They definitely blew some coverages against OSU, but if they can avoid the mental mistakes, the physical talent is definitely there.

    4. Our D-line has been acceptable this year, but our LBs are starting to shine. We've got 4 LBs capable of starting, and Mattison loves to rotate personnel in and out in the front 7 just to throw new looks with new players at the QB. Connor Shaw will have a hell of a time when Mattison has a month to game-plan about how to get to him.

    5. This is a key on our side too - while we've turned the ball over at least once in every game, we turned the ball over 9 total times in our 8 wins, and 16 total times in our 4 losses.

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  • I'm personally amped to see Mattison's work. Huge fan, cannot wait.

  • Thanks for the response. One more thing I forgot to mention is our tight end Justice Cunningham. He's a huge target and a beast on the field. How are y'all against tight ends?

    And at what positions are your best playmakers? Obviously I know of Dernard, even if he's having a bad year.

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  • Well, it looks like I’m a little late to this party. Looking forward to this game. Notwithstanding my diehard allegiance to SoCar (that’s my preferred moniker), I’ve seen a good bit of UM this year. However, I must admit, most of this was prior to Denard getting hurt when he was on my fantasy roster. Here are some thoughts I have on the game, as random as they may be . . .

    Connor Shaw. I’ll be the first to admit, I am NOT a big Shaw fan at all. Granted, much of his quirks and mistakes could be chalked up to him arguably not being healthy since the beginning of the season. However, I’ve seen him regress tremendously. Time and time again I’ve watched him not go through his reads, not even look at wide open receivers deep or underneath zones. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen him look to his first read, and seeing it blanketed, take off, or scramble for a sack. When he does throw a deep ball, he seems timid and untrusting of his judgment and or throw. My point is: IMO, you don’t have to worry about Shaw sitting in the pocket and picking you apart. FWIW, Dylan Thompson is a much better “true” pocket passer than Shaw. I’m a big Thompson fan, but who doesn’t like the backup QB? Spurrier has said that in light of Thompson’s great performance against Clemson to close out the regular season, he would give both QBs significant playing time. Who knows what that means as no one ever really knows what SOS is going to do. Bottom line, if Shaw is in the game, UM will stack the box and force him to throw, and I like UM’s chances here; if Dylan Thompson is in and UM drops into a cover-2 or cover-3, I like SoCar’s chances here.

    Jadeveon Clowney. What a beast. I mean, what more can we say about this man? I stand behind the statement that he may be the most disruptive defensive player in all of college football. I’ve always wondered how I would scheme against SoCar’s defense and Clowney if I were an opposing OC. Much like someone said above me, I would run right at him with a lot of screens, dump passes and slants. If there is one knock on Clowney it is that sometimes he overruns the play. He’s so fast and explosive a lot of times he will completely run himself out of the play. It’s something he has improved on significantly from his freshman to sophomore year and will improve on more next year. Also, you can NOT block Clowney one-on-one. Granted, it could be argued that Clowney has not played against a LT like Lewan, so that matchup could be fun. However, I think the matchup at the other end could be more fun, at least for SoCar fans. Schofield is a solid RT (converted, right?) but I think he might have trouble with our other DE Taylor’s speed and reach. Most of the times I’ve seen Schofield get beat have been on a speed rush. Taylor’s speed rush may not be as brutal as Clowney’s, but he still got tremendous speed, strength and reach.

    Tight ends. We’re very deep at tight end, however, there have been times that our TEs have not been nearly as involved as I would like them to be. However, that could be due to Shaw not checking down to them. I think our TEs v. UM’s defense will be a big key to this game. IMO, UM’s defensive strength is no doubt with your LBs. Ryan is a beast, great speed, but it sometimes causes him to be careless. IMO, UM’s LBs are much better against the run than in coverage and I think they will have trouble covering our TEs IF (big if) we utilize our TEs the way we should. On the flip side, Funchess is a beast. I followed him a good bit in fantasy as well and am a big fan of him. He’ll give us trouble because he’s too fast for our LBs and too big for our secondary. I think the key to containing him will be our Spur (hybrid/rover) play and communication, especially in the red zone where Funchess can be trouble.

    Overall, I’m looking forward to the game. Being a Carolina fan my entire life has taught me to never be overconfident about any game against any team. We need to control the game, limit turnovers, and a defensive/special teams score would be nice as well. At least we’re playing y’all and not Ohio State again. I loathe Ohio State and would not be nearly as civil and objective on their board. Go Cocks.

  • SEC! SEC! SEC! SEC! stir

    COCKS 24
    UM 21

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  • 2013 Outback Bowl Champions will work fine. :-)

  • jesus duckhunter stfu

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    2013 SEC Championship Game: USC v LSU

  • Just for the record...MOON...THE USC was a college for 50 years before California was even a state...so who is the REAL USC...no doubt you will have a difficult time working the math out on this one...USC (the real one) 38 UM (which ever one you choose to associate that to) 14. GO GAMECOCKS

  • Dang - I guess this thread has gotten nasty.

    Someone linked it over on the 247 SC/USC/SoCar/SCAR or whatever you want to call us.....so, there may be more of us coming over.

    My take on the game is an SC win. Probably in the 27-17 range. I think our "D" will handle Denard okay. We are kind of built to handle the spread - and having a good/deep front four will allow more of the secondary to play the run/scramble. Plus, we've got a pretty good number of seniors on the defense. I expect them to be ready.

    Our offense vs you defense is a question for me. I know UM has a good dline, but no offense - we've played a few of those in the SEC. I don't know much about the LB's and secondary. Would love to hear a scouting report. Our offense "can" play well and score points, but at times we execute poorly and get out of sync. I do know this: Spurrier knows how to scout a defenses weakness' before and during the game. We only scored 27 on Clemson and their defense is suspect- but that was the plan, to keep the ball and run clock. It worked very well.

    Just one man's take.