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Official "Guess the Legends Jerseys" Thread

  • Ducksworth

    I'll bump this when they're announced to see who gets the most right. The person who comes closest gets e-cred.

    Your numbers are...

    #11 - Albert, Francis, Alvin Wistert
    #47 - Bennie Oosterbaan
    #48 - Gerald Ford
    #87 - Ron Kramer

    Also, the athletic department has said they will have an honorary ceremony of some sort at every home game this year. Air Force (Oosterbaan), UMASS (Kramer), Illinois (Ford), Michigan State (Harmon), Northwestern (Wistert), and Iowa (Moeller(?))

    According to the twitters, it was not clear if the numbers will be worn all year or just for that game (is that legal?)

    But anyways, guess away. Who wears what number?

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