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OSU/UM Rivalry - Its now down to home court/field

  • No he wont. Look at this past season. All Ohio needs to do is beat the weak B1G, beat weak OOC teams on their schedule, and hope for no injuries going into the Michigan game. The B1G competition wont be able to derail a powerhouse Ohio or Michigan team.

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  • It's like you didn't even read my post.

  • But Hoke took two top RBs this year and a top QB And has another big QB signed up for next year. He also signed two good WRs and two good TEs as well as other receivers. He has enough where of this positions where they do not have to all pan out. On the contrary, Meyer has not done that for a position that needs even bigger numbers to pan out

  • It depends on how many of them are good. 17 linemen at a prestigious schools and middle of the road performance? I think you just said a lot about how much developing those trench players means to Meyer. Ha.

  • Lewan would have been a 1st round pick...

  • You trying to bash our linemen is just pathetic. Seriously, pathetic. Taylor Lewan is a better college lineman than anyone OSU has put out in the last decade.

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  • Exactly. Our senior Olinemen were recruited by RichRod. That is my point. None of them were invited to the combine. Don't get me wrong, RichRod got a couple good OLs (for example Lewan), but it was more miss than hit. Meyer could end up being the same way given his similar view on OL.

    Meyer is a spread coach. As much as you want to say spreads are different (and they are in some aspects), they are all the same in so far as they seek to spread the field and get the players out in space. Unless you want a lot of unblocked tacklers, that means getting the OL out in space too. That requires more focus on speed and agility for those guys than on size. I know you want to think Meyer will be the only coach in the history of the sport to get 5 guys that are as equally dominate in size as in speed....but that won't happen. As some point, concessions have to be made. One of the two factors has to be a tiebreaker. For Saban, it is size. Hoke too. RichRod it was speed and Meyer too. That is the case for ALL spread teams.

    The OL on the OSU the extent they are Justin Boren-type Tressel recruits are never going to be great in Meyer's system. That is what you are seeing on the field.

    As for Reid Fragel...that just solidifies my point that Meyer and RichRod see OL the same way. Fragel was recruited as an OL by RichRod. He was a Michigan kid, but went to OSU because under Tressel the OSU staff thought he could be a really good tight end because of his speed. (I don't doubt Hoke would see it as Tressel did.) Meyer saw his speed for his size...and.... moved Fragel to the OL. Just like RichRod wanted to do. (BTW - While I don't see him getting drafted at OL...who knows where he would have been drafted if he stayed at TE.)

    Just look at the OL Meyer goes after. Look at their offer sheets. A LOT of spread teams on those offer sheets (some pro style offers too for sure...but more focus from spread teams). While there is some overlap (everyone wants fast and big guys)...what happens when those rare fast and big guys don't all go to your school? Do you go for smaller, fast guys or bigger slow guys? Or do you pass on guys all together and hope everyone you get pans out?

    Think about those questions and then think about being a "big ugly" and whether you would feel more comfortable with Hoke recruiting you with his friendly overweight police office vibe or Urban Meyer flashing a bunch of rings and maybe looking like a guy who doesn't sweat. I don't see Meyer winning a lot of battles for those type of kids ...and he hasn't. So, does he go with size kids or throw out offers to kids like Tim gardner who are being recruited mainly by spread teams?

    If Meyer runs Tressel's OL guys he probably won't get the spread performance he needs to win it all. If he goes with a focus on more agile/faster OL (like EVERY other spread team)...then I think he will have the same problems RichRod had in the B10 and the same problems he had against physical defenses in the SEC like Bama.

    Meyer needs his type of OL for his system. His system is a spread that needs more agile linemen (by definition). Who knows, maybe he can do better than the godfather of the spread, RichRod, in the B10. Its possible.

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  • I actually disagree with both of these: Braxton>Gardner & Hyde, Smith, Hall>Fitz, Green, Rawls. I think both of these position groups are about even. In my opinion, Gardner both is and will be a better overall quarterback than Braxton. Braxton is the better runner; Garner is the better passer. However, by the time we play in November, I think Gardner will be more complete. I am probably in the minority here, but I think our offense is going to be way better without Denard at quarterback. We will no longer be one dimensional, and therefore we will finally be able to move the ball against good defenses, as you saw against South Carolina.

    The running backs are about even as well. First, no one needs three running backs. If you are consistently rotating three in during the course of a game, it is probably because you lack a high end tailback on your roster. So we can trim the list to Fitz/Green vs. two of Hyde, Smith, and Hall. Once we do that, the skill level is pretty much the same. People are stupid and unbelievably impulsive. Fitz was great as a sophomore. Then his numbers go way down because he was running behind one of the worst Olines I have ever seen at Michigan, and all of a sudden people think he isn't good. Fitz is just as good as anyone OSU will field next year. If the Oline is better, he will prove it to everyone. Add to that Green, a consensus five star, and we are pretty even.

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  • If you're in the minority, I'm right there with you. cheers

    Our offense being exciting does not equate to it being better. There were times our offense was completely stagnant when it mattered most, and that was almost always when we relied on Denard as a passer. I'm glad we wont have so much in-game inconsistency anymore.

    I will miss Denard though.

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  • This is why it's not even fair to compare the two in a head to head "who's better?" situation. Both have different skill sets and play in what should be completely different systems by next year. I think Gardner is similar to Russell Wilson, in that he is smart, accurate, and has the ability to run when needed to be able to march his offense down the field with poise and a balanced attack. Whereas Braxton is going to run by design and keep defenses spying and then throw (hopefully accurately) to a WR that breaks through the secondary. Who's the better prototypical QB? Gardner. Who's more electric and can keep plays alive and break 60 yard runs? Braxton. Who helps the team win more games? They both should be putting their teams in great positions next year. Braxton's already shown that, and, while he was a little shakey last season at times (possibly due to playcalling?), I expect a big growth from Mr. Gardner next season and playing at a high level.

    They play the same position, but that's about where the comparisons end. It's like arguing who's the better Point Guard? Trey Burke or Aaron Craft, yeah it's the same position, but what they are asked to do for their team is very different.

  • Burke is way better than Craft. You need a better comparison. lol