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Non Conf hoops thoughts

  • Burke is fantastic. Early on he was trying to figure out his teammates and looked slightly out of sorts, not with himself, but with the team. Can get shots from anywhere, anytime.
    Hardaway has been pretty steady. Good season so far. Went on a little slump but has came out of it. The game flow seems to be coming easier for him, not pressing to score. His defense was missed tonight as well as his rebounding.
    Stauskas is money in the bank from three. Teams are game planning for him but can't because we have too many weapons. Needs to work on his defense and his midrange game. He's started slashing more which is great...add in a pull up jumper after head fake and its over for the defenders.
    Robinson is an athlete right now. He's apparently a quiet kid which prob goes good with this team of wild wolverine personalities. He doesn't force shots often, lets the game come to him. Would like to see him drive to the basket more against his man.
    Morgan is hard for me to read often. He's a competitor. Lacks burst which hurts him down low sometimes. He does the dirty work tho. He's best when running the floor. Would like to see the post utilized more often. Could be a welcomed edition.
    Bench is pretty much McGary and Levert right now with Spike throwing in a few minutes here and there while Horford heals. McGary is learning on the job. He needs off season conditioning. I rarely get mad at him because he works his tale off while in there. Levert is just scratching the surface. Want to see more penetration to the hoop with him and see if he can dish. He's fell in love with the three ball and when he drives, he shoots it. Defense and length is where we can utilize him most tho.
    Team as a whole thoughts: dynamite offense, always ready to explode. Disappear at points prob mostly due to lack of concentration. Playing lesser teams will do that. Play together, share the ball extremely well. Genuinely seem to all get along, no bickering...time will tell on that when we lose a game or two though. Young players respond to coaching, listen to teammates on the floor. Good chemistry overall. Negatives would be our defense as a whole. Not great on perimeter defense or dribble drive defense. We do good switches but have to switch too often...more to help our players out rather than to throw them off. Rebounding has been significantly better this year but at times we let too many offensive rebounds go to the other teams when we are playing lethargic ball. Any negatives are nitpicking right now really.
    To make the sky the limit we need to stay healthy, establish a little more go to post game and play with more aggression on defense. If these guys ever get hungry on defense like they do offense, look out America. All in all this is an exciting team to watch and I look for an exciting bigten season. Hopefully we get healthy and stay healthy. Bigten champs. Go Blue!

  • Frank C

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  • Agree with your thoughts overall.

    Michigan is at it's best when Morgan has it going down low, he's frustrating but needs to play well if we want to go long.

    Burke is fantastic, if he was on a higher profile team he'd be the front runner for the POY. Easily B1G player of the year so far.

    Just want Glenn to be more assertive, such a great player.

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