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Next year rushing attack

  • IMO Derrick Green will be our feature back with Deveon Smith and Fitz battling for the 2nd spot. Green is the perfect all around back. He's got power, speed, great hands out of the backfield...it may not be right away but Green will end up pushing his way into the starting lineup. I only say this because Fitz is a zone scheme back and feeds off a dual threat QB like Denard. Those carries that Fitz got 0 or negative yardage from dancing so much...Green gets at least 2 or 3 yards just from hitting the hole hard and falling forward. As long as Green doesn't have fumbling problems or problems understanding the playbook, he will be our starter at some point in the season. With an easier schedule at the beginning of the season we'll get to see carries by a lot of the backs. The ND game will be the tell...I don't think Fitz can run on that front of ND. They obviously have problems with power back i.e. Lacy and Yeldon. Green is already college ready physically, if he can get it mentally...he'll be our starter sooner rather than later. I'm not slighting Fitz one bit, but he is going to need to come back 100% because his whole running style is based upon cutting and making moves. Either way...the OL needs to get it together in a hurry. I think Gardner will help the running game immensely just because he can consistently hit the short to mid range passes.

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    "Those Who Stay...Will be Champions"

  • Good analysis. Our offense is going to be lethal if our O-line performs anywhere close to what I'm expecting. I love that we have Gallon for another year, he is going to be extremely good. Also, because this has been lost in translation, just want to remind people how good our defense might be next year. We showed glimpses of an elite defense this year, and we're returning nearly all of our important pieces. Losing guys like Kovacs is unfortunate from a leadership perspective, and he was reliable to make the tackle, but he will undeniably get replaced by a better talent. Similar to Novak and Douglass getting replaced on the basketball team. I have high hopes for next year now that Green is in the fold (only if we got Treadwell) but I will remain skeptical until I see the product on the field. Can't wait, and I'm glad we have the best basketball team in the country to hold me over.

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