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Most crucial match-ups next season

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    Coming off an 11-2 season that finished with a victory over Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl, the Michigan Wolverines closed out at No. 9 in the rankings and have all kinds of momentum heading into the 2012 season...

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  • 1. msu

    Up until 2007, Michigan was 10-3 against them since I've been old enough to actually remember being a Michigan fan. For 13 years, I experience Michigan losing to them 3 times. Three. Now that we're down 4 straight, I want to beat them so bad. I really took the rivalry for granted when we were smacking them all over the field for a decade and a half. I've definitely got some perspective now.

    Not to mention it's an absolutely crucial division game. By virtue of us being their chief rival and no one else caring about them enough for them to have a solid protected rival, them getting Indiana as a protected game every year is a guaranteed win virtually every season, where as our game with osu will always be a dogfight. We've got to take care of them in the event that we lose to osu.

    2. osu

    With corch irving meyerz coming in with all the fanfare and hype, it'd be nice to beat them again on the road. It's their bowl game so we're going to get their best effort (which we would anyways). Could be the exclamation point on a great season.

    3. Nebraska

    Again, another crucial legends division game on the road at night. With the division set up, these games become vastly more important. Nebraska's got an extremely difficult schedule again so I think they stumble along the way regardless, but one of those losses needs to be to us.

    4. Alabama

    Although it's a game vs. what is sure to be a top 3 team, the significance of this game is more for national perception than anything. A blowout could lead to the belief that last season was a fluke. A close loss would lead to the belief that we're on our way back and just lost to a superior team,which the Crimson Tide is. A win, and I don't even know what that would do to perception. The hype machine would be strong. Could be on our way to a special season with a win there.

    5. Notre Dame

    With Michigan snagging 3 wins in the last 30 seconds of the game the last 3 years, this game is going to mean a lot for the Irish. It'll be interesting to see what they look like at msu the week before. They've got a ridiculously difficult schedule next year, and with a bye after us, they'll definitely let it all hang out with 2 weeks to recover.

    The B1G title is the goal next season. We've got an extremely difficult schedule, both non conference and in conference. I do see 6 wins (likely 7--I just don't see the enumeration with Purdue...The hype they're receiving reminds me of the hype that Northwestern gets every few years). Call me crazy, but I don't see us going 0-5 vs. Bama, nd, msu, Nebraska, and osu. I think we're still going to be strong offensively, and if the D-Line is just average the D should be decent as we return the entire back 7.

    That being said, I'll happily trade a 2-2 start for wins over Nebraska and msu.

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  • Great post vcmarsh1

    I am a little older then you but the sentiment is the same with MSU. For the most part of my life they have been insignificant to us. We beat them most of the time and a few of the years we did lose it was largely because of no calls like Desmond Howard being tripped in the end zone before the ball got to him or clock operators who couldn't operate a clock correctly.

    I am looking forward to the game this year but it is going to be another tough game. MSU has a damn good D. They are probably going to struggle offensively with an inexperienced QB and basically a whole new WR group but that D is going to keep them in every game. Under Dantonio this isn't the SOS and while he is there I don't see it going back to the way it used to be.