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Further confirmation of "The Cheating Decade of the Vest"

  • http://247sports.com/Board/30/Maurice-Clarett-I-was-living-the-NFL-life-in-college-14934374

  • Everyone kinda knew that but it's always nice to actually hear it from the source. OSU fans will probably say he's lying or something (what incentive would he have to lie in that setting? makes no sense) but then Buckeye fans are basically all accessories to this stuff. The most delusional ones won't even admit it to themselves but the rest of them wouldn't admit it to *us*.

  • I got to know Clarett some when my Dad was coaching for the Broncos and he was trying to make the team as a rookie. Clarett did some extremely odd stuff while he was with the Broncos. I remember one day I was able to participate in a team workout for the Broncos and Clarett showed up to the workout barefoot.No shoes or socks. He would do odd things like that all the time. I talked to a few of the veterans after he was released and they said he would get drunk the night before practices but then again in the morning on the way to practice. Definitely had something psychologically wrong. It's a shame because we all know how talented he was.

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  • He's been saying this for years and no one has really believed him. He would have plenty of reasons to lie. He could have threatened to extort money from the school or booster, could simply have been disgruntled with the way OSU treated him, could just want media attention now that he's flamed out.

  • I'm just looking forward to TP's book. I figure he has another 1-2 years in the league max and that's when the bitterness and need to blame everyone else for his failure will hit its peak. And, of course, the need for money to pay the bills.

  • That's why he'd go tell that aspect of the story as a small detail of his life story in a team meeting of a minor league football team...? Makes no sense.

    The reality is that the only people who talk about this stuff openly are the guys who have no hope of getting something out of the association with their college, because once you speak out about this sort of thing that's all gone anyway. You don't blow the whistle on "the family" without repercussions. So the guys who do talk are usually guys who are "disgruntled" or "carry a grudge" or have some other baggage, allowing idiot fans to dismiss it out of hand.

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  • Yes? He could want attention seeing as he went from an entire of state of people being obsessed with him to a relative nobody. He also could be telling it to help sell his bosses book, which is what the whole story is an excerpt from, and who knows if it even happened the way it was described in the book/if it was staged. A book about a guy going from a CEO to minor league football team coach is pretty boring/wouldn't soak up much attention, however add in a little bit about Maurice and it gets picked up by sites like Deadspin and gets people on random message boards talking about it. "Idiot fans" aren't the only ones to dismiss his story, so have the media, NCAA, and almost everyone who isn't blinded by their OSU hatred.

  • Tressel had a record of violations at Youngstown State. This shouldn't be surprising, but sadly it is to a certain group of people.

  • The entire "hook" for that story to even make the rounds is that Clarett talks about being on his way to murder a guy who was pressing robbery charges. The OSU stuff was just a minor detail in the narrative, not the main aspect. That's what sells it to me more than anything, this wasn't some big reveal about OSU or anything, it's just in there in a matter of fact way.

    And the media, NCAA are steering clearing clear of it for a number of reasons. One, because he's Maurice Clarett, a guy who went in his car to murder a guy and has more than enough things that don't exactly make him a star witness. Two, Tressel is already out (and unlikely to come back to FBS coaching) and this stuff is 10 years in the past now, there's no incentive for anyone to talk about this. At this point, it's historic trivia that is relevant only to the ethical standing of Jim Tressel.

    OSU builds a statue for him, almost everyone else that isn't blinded by OSU fanboyism knows he's a crook.

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  • saw this article many moons ago on espn about clarett telling his side of the story. always wondered why nothing came of it


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  • Wow, just, wow.

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  • You might be right Wendel. Maybe he feels scorned by his former university and wants to persecute them by lying to the media and this writer about his lifestyle at OSU. I mean it couldn't be true, right? Maybe he's just rehashing what he said years ago and no one listened to him so he feels like he needs to be heard. Of course if this is true, I'll be waiting to hear about the impending libel lawsuit soon to be filed by OSU against Clarrett, the writer, and the publisher. Whatever you do, don't hold your breath. OSU had justification to file a lawsuit against Clarrett years ago but alas, nothing. Why wouldn't OSU want to clear their name of such baseless slander? I mean if it's not true then why not have it investigated? Please don't bring up the NCAA either. Having the NCAA investigate this issue is like getting pulled over by a police officer and asked to step out of the vehicle to have it searched. Then you say, "Don't trouble yourself officer. I'll search it for you."

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  • I'm not defending Tressel, I for one, believe he got what he deserved for lying to the NCAA as did tOSU's football team this year. With that said, I don't see anywhere in his article it would imply Tressel was dirty. Clarett was a taker, plain and simple. If anyone offered him anything he was going to take it. We all know at all programs the size of tOSU (and UM), there are people out there offering $100 handshakes. We all know we have guys on our rosters now that would accept a bit of cash if they thought they wouldn't get caught. We just hope they don't.

    In Clarett's case, yes I can see where people would say Tressel should have known, but in reality, can any coach really know what all his players are doing on their free time? Not a chance.

    When the false report for items being stolen from his car came out, Tressel did what he was supposed to and Clarett was gone. How many teams in the country have kicked their best player off their team? Look at LSU, it took 4 major issues to get rid of the Honey Badger.

    I know you, as opposing fans, will say Tressel was involved with Clarett getting all the things he says he received while there, but I don't truly think he funneled cars to the kid. I'm sure he knew of Clarett's academic shortfalls and the classes he was taking which are laughable, but I don't think he arranged for a Lexus to be delivered.

  • I don't know if Tressel was dirty. But I think it is clear that his oversight was sorely lacking...and that came out later with Pryor and others. That is where Tressel really failed.


  • I agree Robo. No coach can be on top of every $100 handshake but a brand new Lexus is a bit harder to hide. Even if Tressell missed it, surely someone had to notice. Assuming the story is true, of course.

  • Reasons why the would not sure for libel:

    1 It hasn't really affected/caused damage to them, as no one really cares about this besides die-hard college football fans of teams other than OSU

    2 It would be a publicity nightmare to sue a former player who is "down on his luck" and would lead to more complaints about how schools only use/don't look out for their student athletes.

  • I don't think he got the money, cars etc. to Clarett. Tressel is no idiot. But it seems pretty obvious he knew about it in the way you don't wanna know about it because if they knew you knew you'd be screwed. Coaches aren't in a bubble of ignorance, it's standard for the athletic department and football program to have eyes and ears in the university at-large and the community with regards to what their guys are up to, in order to keep them out of trouble. It would be bizarre if Tressel, given his style and persona, was an exception here. But of course there are some things you don't *want* to hear about.

    Tressel was an old pro at this game, there were rumors about his time at YSU for years even before Tatgate. It's like how such rumors followed Lou Holtz around and nevertheless he always kept *his* own public reputation clean enough even if his employers eventually got hit by the NCAA. Coaches know how to play this game, you never "know" of the cars handed out, the phony summer jobs, the cash, the hookers etc. and as you don't "know" you can't stop it, right? Even when programs get caught outright, it always seems to be a lowly position coach who ends up the fall guy. That's the way it's set up, isn't it? Plausible deniability.

    It's no coincidence that when Tressel did finally get busted, it was because of something he knew and did nothing about and because feds were involved it was too big to just have it go away. The narrative of a "one-time" mistake on part of an otherwise entirely clean Tressel just doesn't cut it. It doesn't mesh with the Clarett story, the Troy Smith issue, Santonio Holmes and the specifics of the Tatgate scandal. And I don't say this out of some sort of grudge against Tressel, he was probably the best coach in the Big Ten since Woody/Bo had left. I think being a college football coach is simply a position where you are going to face a moral dilemma almost on a regular basis because of the contradiction between all the incentives and the rule set. Even *clean* programs engage in some practices which violate at least the spirit of the rules, if not the letter. I just wish people were more honest about this stuff when faced with the obvious.

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  • +1 from a Buckeye. We all know and it still happens at all the top programs. Team meets boosters and gifts are given. Facts of the game. If any fan thinks their program is above this they are naive.

  • I'm sorry, but saying that Tressel may not have known about this is insane. Clarett was rolling around Columbus, including to practices in new cars constantly. He was the best player (and most important player) on the team. If this were happening with just some other kid on the team, he honestly may not have known but there's no way a head coach at any major university would not keep a closer eye on his most important player who he couldn't afford to lose. He did the same thing with the players in tat-gate. They were his most talented, most indispensable players so he looked the other way. He has a history of this sort of behavior (both at OSU and Youngstown State).

    I guess what I'm getting at is that coaches won't know everything that players are doing, but you'd better believe they have a pretty good idea of what their superstars are up to. Unfortunately, it's those players who are typically the ones who get the extra benefits so it becomes a moral decision on how to handle it - Tressel often, if not always, took the low road and let it slide. And given the way OSU fans talk about him (and the way he was ludicrously hoisted on his players shoulders during their last game of the season because they were ineligible for a bowl because of his misdeeds) and the money he made from his behavior, I don't know if he made the wrong choice.

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  • uhhh, guys it did get noticed and thats why he was kicked off the team.

    there's an article written by clarett himself dealing with this stuff if you'd rather have it straight from his mouth rather than hearsay: http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/7209489/life-two-parts..

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  • The quote at the beginning of this thread is from Clarett himself. They are his words. He said them in front of hundreds of people. How is a Grantland article containing Clarett's words any more credible? They are both Clarett's own words.

  • And bingo was his name o! Yawn. We just got the living hell investigated out of us and were found with jaywalking penalties, in the grand scheme of things, and it still isnt enough for peoplecry

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  • Uhhhhh I think you're making the point against yourself unintentionally. One article has a single paragraph of clarrett's words, the other is entirely in his words. So it would certainly seem that one would be a better source of information on what Clarett knows and thinks. Furthermore, that is not in anyway central to the point I was making... the mistaken belief that is pervading this thread is that Clarett got away with whatever he wanted, when clearly that is not the case since he was kicked off the team.

    As a secondary note the article would show that Tressel was more on the unaware side than on the enabling side... and at least back in '03 wanted his players to be honest with the NCAA. Now, unaware isn't a defense but it certainly is better.

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  • There's a difference between being unaware and willfully blind. Only somebody who didn't want to know would have missed what was going on with Clarett, who again flaunted his free stuff all over campus. Tressel ran what was a dirty program. I don't want it to sound like sour grapes - he hammered Michigan repeatedly, but the truth is that he did it with players who were obtaining benefits for the vast majority of his time at OSU. There has to be some blame put on him and the administration at that school. They are the ones who need to oversee their student athletes and they failed that responsibility repeatedly.

  • We all know Clarett was caught and that is what started his downward spiral. It doesn't change anything. And nothing in the article you posted contradicts anything in the article I posted. And neither article proves that Tressel didn't know.

    Tressel had a star QB who was caught receiving extra benefits at YSU. He also had two star QBs and a star RB (and several other starters) busted for the same thing at OSU. And he was ultimately fired by OSU and received a show cause penalty from the NCAA for knowing about some of those extra benefits and hiding/lying about it to OSU Compliance and the NCAA. How much more evidence do you need to accept that Tressel was shady? I'm sorry we don't have HD video of him handing out cash to players, though something tells me you would have an "innocent" explanation for that too even if we did.

    Jim Tressel is a cheater. He was a cheater at YSU and he was a cheater at OSU. It was pure luck that he was caught in 2010 and he probably did all sorts of shady things we will never know about. But what we do know for certain based on the evidence we have is that Tressel is a cheater. Accept it and move on. The rest of CFB has.

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  • Well that is just a ridiculous thing to say.

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