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Fulltime football families = Michigan players

  • We all know that the MBB team has seemed to attract kids whose father's and/or family played pro basketball (Hardaway, Horton, GRIII, Dumars - now gone, even Bartlstein's dad works with the league). It has been one of those "time filler" stats that ESPN throws out during the games (in addition to shots of famous dads in attendance).

    I always took it as a sign of the respect for Beilein. Dads who have been around coaches their whole life and know what it takes to make the rare jump to the big leagues see Beilein as the right coach for their kids. I am not sure if it necessarily translates to success for each kid, but it is a good indicator of the high regard people have for Beilein.

    Now, I feel the FB team is doing something similar. They seem to get a lot of kids whose fathers played pro ball, high level ball or are coaches' son. In other words, their fathers are all VERY familiar with what makes a good coach. We know:


    ... and maybe others all come from true "football families" that are either former high-level players and/or coaches. These are families that (presumably) understand the "football life" far beyond just having a gifted child. And, these are not just legacy recruits (only Gant). These are kids from families that "know" coaching. We have always had some guys (Woolfolk and Watson), but not nearly this many, IMO.

    I think this is one of the greatest compliments to Hoke's staff and the job they are doing. I think Hoke is a "coaches' coach." That is the highest praise in most professions... higher than any award or trophy.

    Caveat: I am not sure if the Michigan programs are "out of the ordinary" in this regard, but I can't think of a rival school that has the same numbers as far as I can recall right now. In fact, it sticks out in my mind that OSU and MSU were both turned down recently by legacy recruits that held offers from those schools.

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  • Add McCray to the list of kids with a father who's been around the game at a high level.

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  • I was thinking of him, but must have not typed it. I will edit. Thanks.

  • NP. Also, FWIW, Dymonte's father is a military man, so he's been around a certain level of discipline and commitment his entire life. I'm not saying military automatically equals good character, but I think it says a lot about Dymonte and his family that they made sure he knew exactly what he was doing before committing, and they made sure that he was committing for good. I think a family that's experienced what it means to commit to military service is generally one that emphasizes respecting and fulfilling one's commitments.

    Not to go off on an inflammatory tangent either, but this is why I've just laughed at every suggestion by Bucknuts that Dymonte will flip. If you know anything about his character and his family's character, you'd understand how seriously they take the matter of honoring commitments and promises.

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