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For fun...

  • With the NFL Draft approaching, I was curious to hear how you all value Michigan's current 2013 commits. For the sake of this thread, let's say that after the 2012 season, Michigan will be in a similar situation as an NFL team. In other words, no one from the 2012 roster will be exhausting their eligibility, so they can all stay at Michigan in 2013 and beyond, for as long as the Wolverines want them. Further, while there may be some current players whose contracts expire at the end of the 2012 season, let's assume Michigan has the cap space to re-sign anyone they want.

    So, with that in mind, let's say Michigan had a draft, and the only players in the draft pool were the 17 current 2013 commits. What would your big board look like? How would you rank them, and why?

  • My top returning wishes....

    Barnum: Michigan returns one scholarship OC next year, as a result Kugler probably doesn't RS

    D-Rob: self-explanatory

    Kovacs: even though I'm confident Marvin steps-up, what the former walk-on has accomplished is nothing short of extraordinary

    As far as the commits, I can't bring myself to rank them. They are all proud to be a part of the team, and that is plenty good to me.

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  • Wait wait. We're only drawing from a pool consisting of the current 2013 commits, correct? Don't want to go galloping off on a tangent later to realize my tighty whities were showing the entire time. The above response has me second guessing...

    Dirty slick question either way considering how gradually the line of talent "slopes" from the "top" recruit to the lowest ranked - and that truly is a testament to how loaded the class is.

  • I will give it a shot

    1) Shane Morris. QB is the most important position. Shane has all the tools to be great. Also, we can use Denard in other ways.

    2) Patrick Kugler C - Kid is going to be a beast. We could move Barnum back to guard.

    3) Dymonte Thomas S - Would be a big pure talent upgrade at safety in my opinion.

    4) Kyle Bosch OG - Just mean. Could bring a real attitude to the run game.

    5) Deveon Smith RB - The big back we could feed the rock to in a pro style offense. Love this kid. Even with the recent bump i feel he is still fairly underrated on 247.

    6) Jake Butt TE - Our TE position is weak and Jake appears to be a solid all around TE.

    7) Gareon Conley CB - Corner is one of the spots i feel we could use a talent upgrade and Conley could be just that.

    8) David Dawson OG - Feel the interior of our line is the weakest part of the line and Dawson would add competition at the guard spot

    9) Jaron Dukes WR - We really could use another big wide out.

    10) Chris Fox OL - More OL help. Just a talent and competition thing now

    11) LTT OL - Same as Fox

    12) Taco - We are pretty set at Rush end but Taco would provide more talent and competition

    13) Jourdan Lewis CB - More help at corner

    14) Ben Gedeon LB - Good talent but don't see a real need at LB otherwise he would be higher.

    15) McCray LB - Same as Gedeon

    16) Khalid Hill TE - Solid player.

    17) Shallman FB - Love his athleticism. Still think he is better suited for DE.

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  • 1. Shane Morris - The kid is a tremendous talent and vocal leader at the most important spot on the field. We would be calling him a franchise player.

    2. Logan Tuley-Tillman - Amazing combination of size and athleticism, loves the squad, appears to be high-character with good work ethic. Like Morris, another vocal leader. Really, really high ceiling for this kid.

    3. Dymonte Thomas - Another high-character, leader type. Will probably play at about 210 with 4.5 speed. Matches that speed with a nose for the ball and a knack for big hits. Salt in the wound of our rivals.

    4. Patrick Kugler - Kugleybear (?) has athleticism, intelligence, work ethic, genetics and a nasty streak working in his favor. Father is Steelers' o-line coach, and he should captain this line brilliantly.

    5. Gareon Conley - Rare speed and swivel for a 6'1" corner. Doesn't mind making the tackle either. With college weight training, should be an excellent all around corner.

    T - 6. David Dawson, Kyle Bosch, Chris Fox - I can't really distinguish between these three. All appear to have the make up of dominant offensive linemen. The level this staff is recruiting on the line is unbelievable.

    9. Khalid Hill - Definitely a sleeper pick. It can be very difficult for a player to make his mark on the offense at 6'2" 235lbs, but seems to be rare tweener that gives you the best of both worlds. He has the size and low center of gravity of a fullback, and kicking out weakside ends and linebackers should be no problem. Yet he has the quickness, hands, and route running to require a top flight linebacker or dedicated safety on passing downs. Hand picked by the coaches after they saw him first hand, Khalid seems a perfect fit for the H-Back spot in Borges' offense.

    10. Deveon Smith - He will be more important than tenth out of these recruits, but really is kind of a low risk, low reward guy. He will leave Michigan with a lot of carries and yards, but his value over a Rawls-level replacement isn't that high.

    11. Vidauntae "Taco" Charlton - Freakishly athletic with a high ceiling. To me looks like a basketball player playing football, if this staff can reverse that and make Taco a football player who looks like he would be good at basketball, big things could be his future.

    12. Jourdan Lewis - Getting rave reviews in camps and in games. A fantastic athlete with the right attitude for corner. Despite the big gap, not sure Conley is the better of the two.

    13. Ben Gedeon - He's a football player. Tough, intelligent, active, and fairly athletic. This ranking has more to do with the linebackers already on the roster and the other guys on this list. Will probably be a very good one when he can finally see the field.

    14. Wyatt Shallman - See Khalid Hill. Limited in how he can be used, but really could flourish if he finds the right role.

    15. Jake Butt - At 6'6" precisely the sort of tight end Borges is looking for. Not entirely sure he separates himself from similar prospects, but definitely a fine weapon.

    16. Michael McCray - Big athletic SAM with football in his blood. Like Gedeon and Smith, this low ranking is not based on a lack of talent, but the quality of his peers.

    17. Jaron Dukes - Somebody has to go last right? Big wide receiver who tore up Ohio's corner of the future. 247 is on the high side of the height estimates, and Dukes really needs to add some strength or he might not get the separation to put that height to good use.

  • Interesting take(s) on Shallman - here's an angle if we are hypothetically considering the '17 draft:

    As big and as fast as some hybrid TE's already in the pros (not the fastest). Look at Dallas Clark for example
    I think his role morphs into big RB/HB. Used alot at Michigan can run better than a classic fullback, can catch, will be at least a 4.6 guy at 250 plus in college, can block.
    This is to the NFL a great H-back dude. What is unique is that he is coming at it from having more of a RB background where most H-backs now were TE (primarilly receiving TE's in college).
    The position is growing in demand and according to articles when he was offered by OSu - Urban's pitch to him was exactly that, it's a growing position of importance in the NFL and it's hard to find the combination.

    Jaron Dukes is going to be a sleeper in college until his JR/SR years. He will IMO become a highly prized big reciever.

    Lewis to me has more potential than TR in the class above him. Fills out a bit and drops his time in the forty and he will be a solid selection

    Morris has all of the tools. If he develops according to plan in the college game he will be a top QB in the draft.

  • Really interesting topic because if we can keep the current roster like an NFL team, it changes the way I look at the incoming recruiting class. I love LTT as an OT, but love Lewan and Schofield more, so if we hypothetically could keep them on the roster for the next 5-10 years through their prime, the OT position becomes less critical and LTT would slide down my board. Same is true for Deveon Smith because I think he's a great pickup, but having Toussaint and Rawls for another 5 years and letting them continue to develop means RB wouldn't be as big of a concern. So here would be my take:

    1. Shane -- Hypothetically we could keep Denard, Devin, and Bellomy, but QB is the most important position and Shane has a completely different skillset than those guys so he has to be #1.
    2. Gareon Conley -- Looking at NFL teams, the second most valuable spot is CB with some teams (Eagles, Falcons, Jets, etc) overpaying to have multiple top CBs. We currently lack height at the CB position, so the thought of having Countess on one side and Conley on the other for the next 5+ years would open up a ton of options to blitzes and different coverages.
    3. Taco Charlton -- Again, looking at the NFL there is a premium on rushing the QB. Clark, Beyer, and Ojemudia are going to be good at that spot, but none of them have the size/speed combo of Taco. A guy who can consistently generate a pass rush without blitzing, plus a solid secondary that can do man coverage if we did blitz, would make for a very good defense.
    4. Kugler -- Great option at Center where we don't have a lot of depth or experience to know what we're getting.

    I could argue pretty much any of the OL coming next or LBs or Smith or Dymonte or TEs, so I'll just stop at the top-4..

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  • Ducksworth

    Very interesting! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, Todd.

    My top 7, based on our roster:

    1. Shane Morris - getting a prostyle QB would be huge, and we would even be able to utilize Denard and Devin's athletic ability even more.

    2. Patrick Kugler - we could really use a smart and mean C and push Barnum back to OG where he belongs.

    3. Dymonte Thomas - he would be a huge athletic upgrade and could learn a lot under Kovacs.

    4. Jake Butt - we really need TEs and he already has the size and potential.

    5. Kyle Bosch - we really need guards as well, especially depth-wise

    6. Gareon Conley - the cover ability that he has at 6'1 is ridiculous. I'm really excited to see what he can do

    7. Taco Charlton - in an NFL setting, he could learn a lot under Roh and Clark/Beyer and unleash the raw athleticism that he has

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  • Yes, sorry for the confusion. Just thought it'd be a fun topic to discuss, and I'm enjoying everyone's responses so far.

  • I agree. I like this topic. As for everyone's responses, I must be really drinking the koolaid on Deveon Smith. I love Fitz and think Rawls could be a really good player but I think Smith is on another level. He has great vision, tough to bring down and has that burst to get through the holes quickly. Doesn't have the top end speed maybe but that burst to get through the hole is huge for a running back.

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  • Busy at the moment, but I'll chime in on this later tonight when things slow down a bit.