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  • Michigan lost yesterday. Time to move on. I understand you guys are all angry about the loss and how this season went overall, hell, I lost it yesterday and almost broke my laptop. But it's time to move on to the bowl game and eventually to next season.

    There were a lot of questionable play calls this season, and the record reflects that, but by no means was this Michigan football team a bad team. Do I think Al Borges is the best option for Michigan? No. But Coach Hoke trusts him to create a pro style offense that will dominate the B1G, and eventually dominate on the national stage, so I trust him as a coach as well.

    Look at the losses Michigan had, #1 Notre Dame, #2 Alabama, #4 Ohio State, and #14 Nebraska. They combined for a 45-3 record.

    Guess what? Those are pretty good damn football teams. Am I going for a moral victory? No. I expect Michigan to beat those teams. This is Michigan fergodsakes. The reality is though, this Michigan team is easily the least talented team fielded in the last 20 years. Most of the starters on this team were either 3* recruits or players meant for a completely different scheme. Not exactly what you want to have when you set up the death row schedule Michigan had.

    Outside of the Alabama game, the games Michigan lost were close and games Michigan should have won. You know what that means? This team is close to being on the same as tier as the top teams in the nation. What Coach Hoke has done with this team is incredible and should in no way be discredited.

    What you guys need to do is just relax and let the coaches do their jobs. Hoke and his staff have put together 2 great recruiting classes in a row and they will be on the field soon, that is when we can truly judge Hoke and his staff. It is completely unfair to throw the coaches under the bus just because Michigan finished 8-4 this year after going 11-2 last year. The schedule this year was hell and Michigan outplayed it's talent big time, those games Michigan lost this year, Michigan had no right to be even close to winning.

    I know all of you are saying "Hey! Look at what Brian Kelly is doing at Notre Dame now! Look at what Urban Meyer did during his first year at OSU!" Well, guess what? Those teams have twice the amount of talent Michigan has. Notre Dame has been down for the last two decades, but their recruiting never faltered and their roster is littered with 4* and 5* players. Same with OSU, they dominated the B1G for the last decade, and just because they had one down season, everyone thinks that talent just disappeared.

    Michigan has came a LOOOONG way under Coach Hoke and his staff and he doesn't all the ridicule he is receiving just because he didn't win the B1G this season and lost to a 3 top 5 teams this year. Give it time, Michigan will be at the top soon, it's a process and you can't expect it to just happen overnight.

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  • "maize&blue21 said...

    If Michigan doesn't get 10 wins next season with the schedule we have, I will lose faith. This season was definitely disheartening and makes me question the future.

    I don't want to just compete for B1G championships and have 1 or 2 losses every year, I want to compete for national championships."


  • What's wrong with that? If he doesn't have 10 wins next season with the talent that is coming in, schedule Michigan has, and with the most of the players being in their 3rd year of the system, there is a problem.

    Michigan should be in the B1GCG next year, and after next year Michigan should be competing on the nation stage.

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  • I find it hilarious that you are one of the first to bitch when things go wrong, and then less than 24 hours you are making a thread saying enough. If you and others could control yourself in the first place, an enough thread wouldn't be needed.

  • I'm pretty sure I posted like twice after the game, saying I would lose faith if Michigan didn't win 10 games next year. I didn't start 6 threads on firing Borges or saying this program is trending downward.

    What I said was not "bitching."

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  • You literally condensed everything ive posted all morning(not that you followed me around reading my posts). So i agree completely. Im going to get off the board for a while. Tons of doom and gloomers out.
    We are literally one play away in each game of having one loss. Is there a bunch of questions had that one play gone our way? We didnt get blown out, we lkst some close games with better players coming in. Time to relax

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  • Ok....but whos is going to play RB, and how is our OL going to be better next year?

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