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Dawson is not decommitting to go to Florida.

  • My Gosh, Florida is in the SEC, what a JOKE. The SEC is a joke and anyone who wants a degree worth anything will not choose an SEC school over Michigan. Except for Vanderbilt not one SEC school holds a candle.

    Now do not get me wrong, I had 6 classes through Bama while in the Military in the early 70's in Florida. I received a great education in those classes. But they did not hold a candle to the classes at Michigan. Michigan has a much higher standard. Athletes in the SEC WILL NOT take the more difficult classes.

    While in contrast at Michigan there have been MANY athletes who have taken 5 year programs as an athlete and completed them in 4 years. ZThe pre-med, engineering and Biology programs are not easy for regular students, but MANY athletes at Michigan have been very successful in these programs.

    This class will blow many minds as they enroll and are successful in their field of study.

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  • Relax

    When choosing a school you need to look at the whole picture. I would much rather go to a school that isn't ranked as highly academically that I feel comfortable at then go to a "better school" and be miserable for the next 4 years. We are spoiled because Michigan is such a great university and held in high regard academically but that doesn't mean it is for everybody.

    Furthermore not all college athletes care about getting a degree. I am not implying that is the case for Dawson FWIW.