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Darius Latham, Anyone?

  • Just FYI on Rodgers. He camped at PSU during the spring. PSU never offered him, but wanted him to come back for another visit. He basically said "I've got enough offers, don't need to earn this one." I believe the discussion on our board was that he's very athletic, but really has not been taught technique at all. Super-raw, but high ceiling if you can coach him up.

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  • I think that's the type of lineman that Brady Hoke and Darrell Funk are looking at to fill the class. In 2012, we brought in a lot of college-ready guys (both technique and body-wise), presumably in case they had to play as true freshmen. Now that we've figured out that we can redshirt all of the 2012 class, there's a lot more freedom to bring in guys who aren't necessarily college ready at all, but who have a huge upside if they can spend a couple years in the system. LTT is a good example of this - huge upside, but does need a significant amount of coaching before anyone would be comfortable with him seeing the field.

    Also, you see this in 2014 Denzel Ward, one of the few 2014 OLs to receive an offer from us. Massive kid, lots of potential, only started playing football last year. Once we solved the depth crisis that RichRod created, I think the coaches were looking for some projects that they could build up within the Michigan system.

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