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BTN guys at practice today

  • Here are some tweets from Gerr DiNardo from practice today.

    Gerry DiNardo‏@gerrydinardo11m
    BTN Spring Tour Stop 6 #Wolverines This Michigan team looks better than the last 5 at this point. Not only better but drastically different.

    Gerry DiNardo‏@gerrydinardo15m
    BTN Spring Tour Stop 6 #Wolverines Outstanding tailback play could make the difference in the season. It's one weapon that needs to emerge

    Gerry DiNardo‏@gerrydinardo18m
    BTN Spring Tour Stop 6 #Wolverines Michigan could have the two best offensive tackles in B1G. Schofield and Lewan.

    Gerry DiNardo‏@gerrydinardo20m
    BTN Spring Tour Stop 6 #Wolverines Best competition between offensive & defensive lines we've seen this spring They were smashing each other

    Gerry DiNardo‏@gerrydinardo24m
    BTN Spring Tour Stop 6 #Wolverines Watched one of the best and toughest defensive line pass rush drills ever.

    Gerry DiNardo‏@gerrydinardo26m
    BTN Spring Tour Stop 6 #Wolverines Freshman R Douglas, T Charlton most impressive.

    Gerry DiNardo‏@gerrydinardo32m
    BTN Spring Tour Stop 6 #Wolverines 6 HS mid year guys enrolled.More than I remember Mich having in past @ least 4 have chance to help in 13

    Gerry DiNardo‏@gerrydinardo35m
    BTN Spring Tour Stop 6 #Wolverines I remember watching Kali's on HS tape & he was impressive as he was today. Recruiting rankings do matter

    Gerry DiNardo‏@gerrydinardo38m
    BTN Spring Tour Stop 6 #Wolverines We see a lot of good young GA coaches in the B1G today was no different.

    Gerry DiNardo‏@gerrydinardo40m
    BTN Spring Tour Stop 6 #Wolverines We've seen a lot of good practices this spring tour but today's was the most physical.

    Gerry DiNardo‏@gerrydinardo3h
    BTN Spring Tour Stop 6 #Wolverines A few years ago UM made a turn from RR to BH. They are making an even bigger turn this year. Impressive

  • Nice. Very high praise indeed. And I love the parts about how physical they players are and how the o-line and d-line "were smashing each other". On the best teams, players look forward to the games because they are easier than practice.

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