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Auburn being investigated...again?

  • (am not aware of protocol for OT discussions, and this mainly has to do with Green)

    I know, surprise, surprise - but wow, this doesn't sound good.

    "Sources told Yahoo! Sports in September that the NCAA has been investigating the recruitment of 2012 Auburn signee Jovon Robinson, whose Memphis Wooddale High School academic transcript was found to be forged and was subsequently declared ineligible in August to play this year at the school."

    Chizik is about to get rolled by Alabama, and after going 3-8...and taking certain assistant coaches off of the recruiting trail as a result of the investigation...really, does ANYONE see Chizik still there next year?

    Unh unh. Tennessee fired Dooley, Chizik is probably gone...VA Tech was realistically it's Michigan vs Oregon vs perhaps Miami?