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About Last Night- Overcoming the Odds

  • In the press conference after the game, Trey Burke said he saw the whole season flash before his eyes when his final shot went up. When he said this, he was speaking for everyone who followed Michigan's basketball team this year, although the season flashed by over a much longer period of time for those watching. Instead of just a few seconds, this flash lasted two and a half minutes.

    2:30 left in the 2nd half- Kansas leads by 10 and has a 99.4% chance of winning. Michigan hadn't hit a field goal in over 3 minutes. Most agree this game is over.
    2:22- Glenn Robinson III gets a steal and a dunk, cutting the lead to 8. A glimmer of hope.
    1:55- After forcing another turnover, Michigan cuts the lead to 6 with a Mitch McGary layup. The comeback is looking much more realistic, but we've seen this before and it never ends well.
    1:22- Kansas extends the lead back to 8 with two Travis Releford free throws.
    1:16- Trey Burke coverts on a three point jumper to make it a 5 point game. Now all Michigan has to do is make a defensive stop, something they've failed to do all game and really all season.
    :29- After a defensive stand Michigan gets an open transition three for Tim Hardaway Jr. which comes up short. After a scrum for the ball, Glenn Robinson III emerges and makes a reverse layup with Jeff Withey on his hip, cutting the Kansas lead to 3. This led to a flashback to Robinson's eerily similar reverse layup late in the Penn State game that he missed, essentially ending Michigan's chances of winning, maybe this game is different.
    :14- After two Elijah Johnson free throws, Trey Burke soars down the court and makes a quick layup to keep it a 3 point game. Although hope still lingers, Kansas is hitting everything from the free throw line, just one more made free throw could put this game out of reach.
    :13- Elijah Johnson misses the front end of a one-and-one, Tim Hardaway quickly outlets the ball to Trey Burke. Flashback to the Ohio State and Indiana games, with the game on the line and the ball in Trey Burke's hands, Michigan came so close, but could never hit the shot they needed.
    :05- With a 6'8" Kevin Young contesting him, Trey Burke launches a three from way behind the arc, onions, tie ball game. Michigan finally did it, painful memories of Darius Morris' rim out vs Duke and Burke going 0-3 on key three pointers in the last minute of the Ohio game in last year's tournament float away.
    :05- Kansas has the ball, but a long stoppage for a time out and to check the clock leads the mind to linger. Linger back to the Evan Turner buzzer beater in the Big Ten tournament a few years back, or Ben Brust's half-court shot against Michigan earlier this season, fear looms.
    :00- Kansas misses on a good look at the buzzer, overtime.

    In overtime, Michigan's best players did what they have done best all season. Burke hits a big three to open overtime and follows that up with his trademark fallback jumper. McGary gets open and hits a nice jumper off a good pass from Nik Stauskas and on the next possession McGary does what he's done all year, gets big offensive rebound and has a nice looking put back. Next, it was Glenn Robinson III's turn, he makes a great jump on the ball on defense and gets the steal. After getting fouled on the breakaway that ensued, he knocked down two huge free throws, something he was unable to do just a few weeks ago against Indiana. This was enough for Michigan to pull out the win in overtime.

    Last night wasn't about "surviving and advancing" it was about overcoming and forgetting.

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  • clap I've read this same type of post on like 3 different sites and it just gets better each and every time.

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  • Ducksworth

  • Ducksworth

  • I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing the story of the last 2:30 of this game.

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