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Michigan Commits Talk From Orlando

Michigan commits weigh in on various topics after today's Under Armour All-America practices

Shane Morris

Michigan’s bowl game: “It was tough to watch because we played so hard and came up short on a lucky late touchdown catch. I was really proud of how we played against a great team. I think Michigan will be better next year, for sure.”

2013 class: “I’m still talking to Derrick Green a lot and I think we’ll get him. (points to Laquon Treadwell sitting next to him) I’m still working on him but I don’t know what his deal is. We would still take him. I know were still recruiting some lineman.”

Mike McCray (out with torn labrum)

Michigan’s bowl game: “I thought they played pretty good just could have made more plays at the end. They played pretty good overall but the two sacks at the end hurt. South Carolina is a good team.”

2013 class: “I’m helping recruit Derrick Green a lot and I think and I feel like we have a great shot at him. I’m also talking to Reon Dawson, my teammate, and I just tell him everything I know about Michigan. It’s going to be close with him but we’ll see.”

Position at Michigan: “Coaches tell me that I can play either outside or inside linebacker. Have to see where they need me most come fall. I feel comfortable at either.”

Henry Poggi

Michigan bowl game: “It was really fun to watch and Michigan played them tough. Not much you can do about a few plays they made at the end. We missed some opportunities and some tackles but SC is a solid SEC team.”

2013 class: “I’m not really helping recruit anyone still for 2013 class but if anyone wants to know anything about Michigan, I’ll preach. If Dan Skipper commits I’ll take a little credit for that (laughs), we had a great time on our official visit. I wouldn’t be surprised if he came.”

Position at Michigan: “I’ll play the 5 technique and move down to the 3 technique in pass rush situations.”

David Dawson

Performance so far this week: “I think I’ve done pretty good. The first day was a little sketchy after trying to get a feel for the D-lineman but the last two days have been good. The coaches said I’ve done good. I feel like I’ve done well overall.”

Improvements: “I’m just trying to get used to going up against the great talent that’s here and just going hard and competing every play.”

Reason for de-commitment and re-committing to Michigan: “I was going through a lot with the death of my Father and I just wanted to get away. I knew that I could take five trips and it was just a chance to get away from everything. Thankfully Coach (Hoke) understood that and let me back in.”

2013 class: “I talk to Derrick Green. He’s really the only one I talk to. I think Michigan has a real good chance.”

Michigan’s bowl game: “They played really hard and it was just one play at the end that made the difference. They should have won. We will be straight next year.”

Logan Tuley-Tillman

Michigan’s bowl game: “It was an up and down game. I was disappointed we lost. We just should have made one more play and we would have one.”

How good is Michigan going to be next year: "I don’t want to make any predictions and jinx us but we’ll be better. I know we will."

Early playing time: “Depending if Taylor Lewan leaves or not that will really change things. If he leaves I’ll have a chance to compete right away.”

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