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Jon Runyan- Junior Highlights

The Runyan File

Jon Runyan Jr.
Hometown: Natrona Heights, PA 

High School: St. Joseph 

Class: 2015 

Position: Offensive Line 

Height: 6-4 

Weight: 260
Ranking: Three-star (85 overall) 

Offers: Michigan

Skills (1-10)

Size- 5

At around 6-4 and 260-pounds, Runyan has an athletic looking frame and doesn’t carry a lot of extra weight.

Frame- 7

Runyan has a nice frame with long arms. He will likely get taller, as his Father was 6-foot-7, 330-pounds.

Athleticism- 7

Runyan has plus athleticism but it looks as if he is still getting used to his body.

Pass Blocking- 7

Runyan has gotten a lot better from his sophomore to junior season and pass blocking got a lot better too. He is bigger and stronger and attacks his man rather than catching him.

Body Quickness- 6.5

Runyan doesn’t have great body quickness but it’s not a weakness. I think it will improve as he grows into his frame.

Feet- 8

Very good footwork for a young player and always takes the right steps. He’s got a smooth kick back in pass protection and has pretty quick feet. He doe sa great job of staying infront of his man in pass protection.

Run Blocking- 8

When I wrote Runyan’s instant analysis back when he committed I said that one of his improvements was to be more physical and he has. He is much more aggressive with his punch and driving his opponent down in the running game.

Punch- 7

Runyan has a much improved punch, as I mentioned, and it will continue to improve as he gets bigger and stronger because he’s got the right technique and hand placement.


Runyan Jr. is very smart player with high ceiling and great technique. He’s got the make up to be a very good player at the next level if he continues to get bigger and used to his body. Runyan made significant improvement since his sophomore season and got better in the areas he really needed to work on. Runyan has the right hand pop and the ability to handle himself well against all types of pass rushers. He is quick off the blocks with plus athleticism and won’t be out-hustled by the high motor types. He can get better by anchoring himself down in his stance more to take on a pass rusher.

NFL Comparison: Sam Baker (USC- Atlanta Falcons)

My Grade: Three star (89 overall grade)


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